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Brought to you by the gluten-worshiping demi-demons at Apiecalypse Now! BRGR KVLT is the only place you can get your hoves on a 100% KVLT BRGR–forged and tested in Toronto Canada, it is the original, and sincerely 416 (and to a lesser extent 647) vegan (dis)comfort food.

Better than the Franchises -- Better than ``Big Vegan``

We Worked Our Way Up, At Home.

Apiecalypse Now! Has been active in the Toronto Vegan Scene since 2010. The Team behind it, and now BRGR KVLT didn’t have a hype machine or a publicist, we just had vegan food. Really good, sincere, earnest vegan food. And that’s why we have had our stuff featured in local media for years, snatching awards in Now Magazine Readers Choice. Featured on CBC Radio 1. Covered by the Toronto Star. And listed, multiple times now, by Toronto Life. We didn’t buy our press–we earned it. Working hard and getting somewhere great….Not just for crabby grandparents anymore! How ’bout that?

Started From The Bottom -- So We're Still There

The only way we know how to get anywhere is to grind. Every recipe we have was tested an re-tested by us personally. We started getting feedback from family and friends. Now that we’re ready to share with you all, we aren’t jumping right into a lease, we’re hitting the road, like we always do, and touring veg fests and markets. We’ll get a shop when we have built the support to open one, from the ground up, through the feedback and love of people like you–the same people who have always supported us, in the city where we live. The city we are from. If Toronto is going to get another place to buy a veggie burger, we want to make sure that it feels like your place as much as it feels like ours.

100% Vegan. Now and Always.

Vegan isn’t a trend for us. It isn’t a moment. We are all dedicated completely to an ethic of harm reduction, while still having a really fun time selling everyone super ridiculous vegan junk food. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s salads. And even if it is salads, so what?! Eat what makes you feel good. Eat what makes you happy–and think about ways that you can go through life causing the least suffering possible. A lot of great things can happen when you step outside your comfort zone, and we like to think we are one of those things for a lot of people who never though they’d be eating a vegan burger, by choice, on a weekend. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. Life is too damn short.
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